Insurance/Registration and Fees

Senior GAME FEE is $80 per team per game.  Please arrange for ONE member of your team to pay the FULL AMOUNT at the BEGINNING of your game. We do not accept separate amounts from each player.

Insurance/Registrations - Insurance/Registration for the season 2019 / 2020 (November to October) is $75 per player for the twelve months.

We are offering an Early Bird Special of $65 per player. To receive this offer, full payment must be made within the period of 1st Nov 2019 to 30th Nov 2019.

If you wish to play only in our Summer Competition (November to May), an Insurance/Registration fee of $55 per player applies(*conditions apply).

If you wish to play only in our Winter Competition (June to October), an Insurance/Registration fee of $55 per player applies

*If a player decides to continue from our Summer Competition into the Winter Competition an additional fee of $35 per player will apply.

If you are not insured/registered you are not insured to play.

Forfeit - If your team forfeits a game your team will be responsible for a forfeit fee of $160.  However, if enough notice of a forfeit is given NO LATER THAN 6.00 PM THE PREVIOUS NIGHT, no payment will be due.  Please always let us know of a forfeit ASAP out of courtesy to both us and your opposition. 

Bond - a bond of $80 (one game fee) is payable by all teams entering into the competition - bond is used towards any forfeit fees payable. This fee WILL be enforced this season due to teams/players not paying their game fees in the past. This bond is fully refundable at the end of the season and can either be reimbursed to you or used to pay for your last game (last game being either, fixture, semi-final or grand-final). If your teams drops out of the competition before the end of the season the bond is not refunded.